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Turkana ADV Rackless Luggage System - Mad Mules™

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This ultra-lightweight luggage system is designed for rough enduro, trails and adventure off-road riding. And when used with the inner dry bag, your stuff remains 100% dry.

It features a base with adjustable legs that easily straps onto your motorcycle using various fitment points. The base allow for different angles for its side legs to ensure it can fit a wide range of bikes, from narrow motocross bikes to large adventure motorcycles with plush seats, making the MadMules™ luggage system a true allrounder for all the bikes in your garage.

Various capacity options are available given the functional, modular design, as the MadMules™ base can easily be fitted with different sizes of roll top closure Trek-bags. This accommodates a wide variety of individual packing requirements, with additional capacity that can easily be added to any size Trek Bag with the fitment of a MOLLE compatible pouch such as the BushBaby™ or OxPacker™.

Turkana’s MadMules™ Trek-bags are available in 5, 10, 15 and 20 liter sizes which can expand and contract with the supplied compression straps, and can easily be attached and removed using MOLLE.


For protection against heat damage, we recommend one of Turkana's Hotazhel™ Exhaust Heat Shields if you anticipate your Mad Mules™ will be touching or very close to your exhaust.


  • Proudly Manufactured in South Africa

Mad Mules™ Rackless System Specs:

  • Base Set with Legs: 1.3 kg (1.46 kg w / hardware) 2.8 lbs (3.2 lbs w/ hardware)
    9" x 8.5" base with 20" x 9" legs (portion concealed into base). 30 D-rings total
  • Base with 2x 5L - Weight: 2.82 kg (5.75 lbs / 92 oz)
  • Base with 2x 10L - Weight: 3.02 kg (6.72 lbs / 107 oz)
  • Base with 2x 15L - Weight: 3.33 kg (7.37 lbs / 118 oz)
  • Base with 2x 20L - Weight: 3.45 kg (7.62 lbs / 122 oz)

Individual Trek Bag™ Dimensions and weight (with liner):

  • 5L - Width: 9" Depth: 4" Height range: 10-14" Weight: 680 g (1.3 lbs / 20 oz)
  • 10L -  Width: 9.5" Depth: 6" Height range: 12-16" Weight: 780 g (1.7 lbs / 27.6 oz)
  • 15L -  Width: 10" Depth: 7" Height range: 14-18" Weight: 937 g (2 lbs / 33 oz)
  • 20L -  Width: 11" Depth: 7" Height range: 16-20" Weight: 995 g (2.2 lbs / 35 oz)


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