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Turkana Soft Luggage Mounting Plate

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The TurkanaGear adventure touring motorbike soft luggage pannier frame hard-plates is a quick release, easy on/off mounting system, allowing for hassle free easy fit and removal of your HippoHips™ saddlebags. The luggage plates are designed to fit on most standard aftermarket and OEM adventure type motorcycle pannier racks.

This harness allows for the fitment of any MOLLE/PALS compatible attachment or accessories, such as the Turkana Trek™ bag, BushBaby™ utility pouch or OxPacker™ bottle bag, as well as many aftermarket MOLLE bags.

*Sold individually


Easy On/Off Quick release for different soft luggage options

The Turkana HippoHips™ soft luggage adventure motorcycle mounting plate offers a quick release mount for your HippoHips™  baggage setup, allowing for attachment to virtually any bike rack or pannier frame. This unrivalled system offers a versatile, and universal fit to the majority of adventure motorcycles. Fitting the plates is an easy installation on many popular motorcycle side luggage rack systems. Lightweight, nearly unbreakable, making this the ideal adventure travel soft luggage mounting solution for adventure riders.

Our design idea included riders using the benefits of easy on/off not just for daily commuting but all the way to those pioneering riders camping, traversing crossing continents adventure touring. This extremely lightweight tough pannier plate setup allows big displacement adventure motorbike riders to enjoy their fanatical adv-enduro trips.

The hard-mount plate design offers multiple attachment points

Adjustable slots ensure easy configurability and fitment to different touring motorcycle pannier frame shapes and sizes. These plates are designed for mounting to most standard aftermarket and OEM motorcycle pannier racks. Allow you to setup your personal luggage preferences to suit your riding style.

Only 900grams per plate

Combined with the super lightweight HippoHips™ saddlebag of 3kg, each side weighs less than 4kg. Fitted with the HippoHips soft bags, the plate mounted system maintains a narrow profile, allowing hardcore adventure enduro motorcycle riders to best perform in gruelling, tight technical off-road terrain.

Turkana Gear’s new luggage plates are designed to maximize both strength and flexibility.

The glass-filled reinforced nylon 6 material, together with the ribbed design, gives these plates optimal strength where they need it most. But what sets these plates apart is their ingenious ribbed design, which not only saves on unnecessary weight but also grants the plate additional flexibility without compromising on strength.

Advantages of a ribbed profile design

Compared to traditional flat plate designs, our ribbed approach offers several key advantages:

  1. Enhanced Strength: Unlike flat plates, the ribbed design strategically reinforces critical areas, ensuring superior durability and structural integrity.
  2. Weight Savings: The cleverly integrated cutouts reduce excess weight, enhancing overall performance and making your motorcycle ride even more efficient.
  3. Flexibility: While maintaining exceptional strength, our ribbed design also provides an extra layer of flexibility. This means the plate can adapt to various luggage types and road conditions with ease.
  4. The combination of these benefits is what makes Turkana Gear's plates both incredibly tough, durable and remarkably versatile. Experience the future of motorcycle luggage support with our cutting-edge plates

Fits the following racks (including but not limited to): Outback Motortek,TOURATECH, BMW, KTM, SWMotech, HEPCO & BECKER, GIVI, TUSK, Holan, SHAD

For riders with BMW GS Adventure OEM panniers racks, we offer an optional adapter kit for the OEM BMW (and other similar) racks with the slanted profile on the exhaust side. Each plate offers standard attachment points for Rotopax gas/water canisters or other liquid canisters with similar bolt pattern attachments.

Product Features

  • Quick release easy on/off mounting.
  • Ribbed Profile for increased strength.
  • Super Lightweight – each plate weighs only 900g manufactured from injection molded reinforced glass filled Nylon6
  • Fits the following racks (including but not limited to): Outback Motortek,TOURATECH, BMW, KTM, SWMotech, HEPCO & BECKER, GIVI, TUSK, Holan, SHAD
  • Slots for added security to use a luggage lock strap.
  • Standard bolt pattern attachment points to fit Rotopax gas/water canisters
  • All mounting hardware included for all tube sizes up-to 20mm pannier frames.
  • Horizontal compression strap included to allows for secure fitment of soft bags to plates, especially when not packed to full capacity
  • Lifetime warranty and Oh'Buggar gear backup

Product Specs (each)

  • Width: 13.5"
  • Length: 16.75"
  • Thickness: 7/16"
  • 807 g (954 g w/hardware) 1.78 lbs / 28.2 oz (2.1 lbs / 33.4 oz w/hardware)

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