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Turkana The Claw™ - ADV Utility Hook

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The Claw™ utility hook by Turkana is a convenient accessories for ADV Motorcycle and general travel.

The Claw™ gives you a way to hang your gear in places where it's unfavourable to set thing on the ground. For example, hanging clothes or bath pouches in a shower, keeping your helmet off the ground on a muddy path, and even preventing your newly caught dinner from touching the dirty floor : )

The Claw™ can be used where the hook portion is used to hang or the strap can be looped around to support. 
Light weight and compact, it just makes sense to bring a couple of them on your next trip!

• 316L stainless marine grade hook with protective nylon tip and free rotating joint
• 1 3/4" hook max bar size
• 11" nylon strap length (max) adjustable (3/4 width)
• Reinforced strap to loop attachement
• High strength buckle
• 43 g / 1.5 oz

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