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Road Heroes DVD Series - Part 1 (with Rene Cormier)

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The first in an exciting new series, Road Heroes features tales of adventure, joy and sheer terror by veteran travellers.

Motorcycle Adventure Travel Tales - Peter and Kay Forwood (Challenges of travelling to 193 countries 2-up on a Harley Electraglide), Dr. Gregory Frazier (5 times RTW on a variety of bikes), Tiffany Coates (Mongolia Mayhem) and Rene Cormier (the University of Gravel Roads).

User comments/reviews

"These are inspirational tales. They are tales of human triumph, of testing one’s physical and psychological limits, of breaking through the normal, self-imposed barriers that keep 99.9 percent of us at our desks, paying our monthly bills. It is impossible to watch this DVD and not shake your head in disbelief, wondering how in the world a couple road a Harley touring bike through the muddy jungles of the Congo; how someone undertook a fifth circumnavigation of the globe with a stranger as a passenger; how such indomitable individuals could repeatedly overcome the hardships of crashes, breakdowns, fuel scarcity, demanding terrain and awful weather, and keep going.

The DVD is well edited, with video of the travelers speaking onstage interspersed with photos and maps from their slideshows. Sometimes the lighting is poor, or the speaker will momentarily step out of frame, or the audio will be garbled. But such incidents are few, and the overall production quality is high. In the end, it’s the stories that matter, not the spit-and-polish of video production." Greg Drevenstedt, Rider Magazine

"Inspiring and hilarious! If you're curious about motorcycle travel to far-flung places, you owe it to yourself to watch this video. Upon viewing, you soon get the point that these people are 'regular Joes' who decided to do something BIG, and had a great time learning the ropes along the way. They are all entertaining speakers, and guaranteed to make you laugh out loud! Lots of amazing stories and even more amazing photographs, it's great fun and very inspirational." Peter Jowett, on

"A must see/ own DVD - Just finished watching this incredible DVD... It will take your motorcycle traveling to another level. The ONLY thing these motorcycle travelers/adventurers haven't done, is ride on water itself. Otherwise, they have ridden on every terrain possible: muddy, snowy, gravely, sandy & a combination of all mentioned terrains, & they have the pictures to prove it." Alexandre Tavitian, on

"Wonderful entertainment - I purchased this DVD because I know of the exploits of several of the presenters but have never been to one of their talks. Rene, Peter and Kay and Tiffany are spellbinding for me. Their talks and slides of their travels still up the wanderlust in me, though it is unlikely I will ever undertake anything as challenging as an around the world tour. Don't expect that this is an action DVD where you will see movies of their tours. Rather, this is a recording of these folks talking to a HUBB gathering about their adventures with slides. For me it was worth every penny." Shawn Bryan, on

"Excellent Excellent Excellent - Grant and Susan bring another fantastic DVD to the market. I loved watching this DVD and would dare anyone to watch it and NOT want to travel the world by motorbike. This complements the Achievable Dream series and I can't wait for the next chapter. Thanks!" Michael P, on Amazon UK

"Just do it! This DVD is an inspirational tour de force of the different ways to tackle round the world motorcycle travel. Whether it's the semi professional approach of Dr Greg Frazier or the 'just do it' approach of Rene Cormier, you can't help but feel the itchy throttle hand and know you'll be enjoying the hours to be spent researching your own trip. All the presenters tell great stories, which are well illustrated, and they seem to have been chosen so as to present four different ways of achieving that dream. I can't wait to leave these shores and discover the world! Well done Grant and Susan." Geoff, on Amazon UK

"Essential Inspiration - Truly inspiring travel heroes sharing their stories will get you hooked and inspire you to realise those dreams. My DVD arrived today and I watched right through this afternoon without a break, loved it." A.A. Coe, on Amazon UK

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